sterile lubricating jelly

Not all lubricating gels are the same. With OptiLube, we’ve developed a lubricant gel to suit most clinical procedures. By listening to clinicians, the specialists in our UK laboratories have fine-tuned the formulation and perfected the viscosity to create a class IIa sterile lubricating jelly with a range of benefits:

  • Water soluble and pH balanced
  • Adheres well to gloves and instruments
  • Won’t damage rubber or metal equipment
  • Available in a choice of formats to suit different procedures and clinician preferences

Ordering information

OptiLube sterile lubricating jelly is available in a range of formats and sizes.
Choose a format below to see the relevant ordering information.

OptiLube sterile lubricating jelly is available through our partner EBOS Healthcare Australia


  • Available in 2.7g, 5g and 20g sizes, these individual-use sachets eliminate the risk of patient-to-patient contamination. They also offer easy opening and easy application.

    Pr NameOptiLube 2.7g sachetOptiLube 5g sachetOptiLube 20g sachet
    Pr Code112311201119
    PIP CodeN/A357-8275N/A
    NPC CodeN/AFTM 306N/A
    Inner PackBox of 144Box of 150Box of 20
    Outer PackCase of 1440Case of 1500Case of 200
  • We’ve designed these 6ml, 11ml and 20ml pre-filled syringes for procedures where precise application is vital. Sterile and individually wrapped, they ensure the minimum handling needed for an aseptic ‘gold standard’ procedure.

    Pr NameOptiLube 6ml syringeOptiLube 11ml syringeOptiLube 20ml syringe
    Pr Code112511261130
    PIP Code373-4357373-4365N/A
    NPC CodeFST 650FST 882N/A
    Inner PackBox of 25Box of 25Box of 20
    Outer PackCase of 250Case of 250Case of 100
  • With a unique flip-cap, these 5g, 42g, 82g and 113g tubes can be opened easily without leaks. They’re easy to squeeze accurately, avoiding wastage, and the large cap means you can store the tubes upright, saving space.

    OptiLube 10g tube is specifically designed with an expanded opening for the effective lubrication of intermittent catheters.

    Pr NameOptiLube 5g tubeOptiLube 42g tubeOptiLube 82g tubeOptiLube 113g tubeOptiLube 10g tube
    Pr Code11241121112211271114
    PIP Code362-8856357-7012357-8283N/AN/A
    NPC CodeFTM 293FTM 294FTM 299FTM 300N/A
    Inner PackBox of 48Box of 12Box of 12Box of 12Box of 30
    Outer PackCase of 480Case of 72Case of 72Case of 72Case of 300
  • With a long reach nozzle for improved accuracy when dispensing jelly, OptiLube Reach is available in 5g and 15g tube formats.

    Pr NameOptiLube Reach 5g tubeOptiLube Reach 15g tube
    Pr Code11401141
    PIP CodeN/AN/A
    NPC CodeN/AN/A
    Inner PackBox of 36Box of 24
    Outer PackCase of 360Case of 240

Want to know more?

A lubricant for many aspects of healthcare

OptiLube is a highly versatile gel, used in over 90% of the UK’s acute hospitals, and in more than 60 other countries. Here are just some of the procedures where OptiLube is used:

Procedure Insertion / use of Specialism
Vaginal / vaginal speculum examination (PAP test)SpeculumGynaecology
Urethral / suprapubic catheterisationIndwelling catheterUrology
Laryngeal mask insertionLaryngeal mask airwayRespiratory
Endotracheal tube insertionEndotracheal tubeRespiratory
Enema insertionEnemaProctocology
Sonography (pregnancy, breast imaging)Obstetrics
X-rayPhotolectron spectoscropeRadiology

Support to bring out the benefits

To ensure you make the most of OptiLube – meeting patients’ needs as effectively as possible – we offer comprehensive product training, including videos and procedure guides.

You can watch UK clinicians talking about how and why they use OptiLube sterile lubricating jelly here, or read more about what procedures OptiLube can be used in here.

Download Procedure Guide

What people have to say about OptiLube

  • I use OptiLube 5g sachets several times a day. I had cancer and my voice box was removed so I have to breath and voice through a hole in my neck called a stoma. I have a stoma stud which houses a filter to protect my lungs. The hole in my neck became very sore so I was unable to insert the stoma stud which as you can imagine was not ideal. I became very frustrated and down in the dumps. I was on the internet looking for something that could help me and found OptiLube. I thought this could be my saviour and how right I was. I immediately contacted Optimum Medical and they sent out a free sample of OptiLube sterile lubricating jelly. I can’t thank Optimum Medical enough – OptiLube has changed my life.

    Desmond BirchCheshire, UK
  • My husband has a urethral stricture which was the result of an operation he had as a child. He self catheterises once a week usually as this keeps the stricture open. He previously didn’t use lubricant but found it difficult doing the procedure and kept getting water infections following. Since using OptiLube pre-filled syringes he finds it much easier and hasn’t had one water infection since.

    Jacqueline JacksonRotherham, UK
  • Choosing the OptiLube range has been a great decision for my practice and patients. The gel is high quality and consistently performs extremely well on all of the many procedures it is required for.

    Dr Donna KerschnerYork, UK
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust changed to Optilube sterile 5g sachets back in November 2010. The Clinicians like the small individual sachets. The gel has the right consistency and suits all our clinical needs. We are very happy with the product.

    Michaela FairestSheffield, UK